Five Habits that Ruin Smiles

We all have habits, both good and yet also bad too. However, there are a few that damage the smile that you have. Enamel is super strong, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally not something that can withstand everything, and there are some habits which can damage your teeth to a whole new level. This article will discuss these habits that will damage it, and a few solutions.

The first, is chewing ice. We’ve done it once or twice before at some point of our lives, or maybe a whole lot more but ice actually can truly damage the structure of your teeth, and create a lot of strain. That’s because it’s hard, and the extreme temperatures make the enamel sensitive, and that’s when small fractures do develop, and they can become deeper cracks. Those that have large fillings are susceptible to this, since the tooth might break away, and it even might split in half. The solution to this is simple, and instead, just have it to cool drinks, not to crunch on.

Sodas and sports drinks are another habit. They’re both loaded with sugar, and it can have about nine teaspoons on average in one of them, d this causes cavities. Sports drinks also have this same effect, and they are actually consumed in much larger qualities. They also have an acid that will erode the teeth. Even diet sodas also make your mouth way more acidic and will weaken your teeth. You should instead have some water with lemon if you really want something that has sweetness to it.

Teeth grinding is another. This is a form of relieving stress in a lot of people, but it does tear away the enamel, chips your fillings and various porcelain, and it also stresses out the gums. The teeth look worn and they often have a bit of a dull nature to them, and that requires a much bigger treatment. If you’re struggling with this, and you need a way to fix it, you should get a nightguard. This is something that can be put right over the teeth and gums to help prevent major problems.

Now, if you play sports, one habit you need to curb right away is playing sports without a mouth guard. An elbow to the face will happen fast, but it can change your life. Lots of activities carry the risk for this, and many people don’t even use mouth protection, and sports are actually very dangerous for the mouth. Basketball is actually the number one place for mouth injuries, and it’s a bit surprising. One might think football, but basketball has a lot of elbow throwing and the like too. Few wear mouth guards, which puts your mouth in danger when you don’t need it too. Any close contact sport carries this, even ice skating, so keep that in mind. The best solution is to wear a mouth guard for whatever activity level. If you need more protection, get one with multiple layers, in order to keep you safe.

Finally, there is chewing tobacco. While smoking is on the decline, snuff is still on the incline, and it still causes a lot of problems in the body. About 50,000 people in the US end up being diagnosed with oral cancer every single year, and many more will suffer from this habit. It causes gum recession, bad breath, and even tooth decay, and not only that, there are over 3000 different chemicals in chewing tobacco. Tobacco is gross, and it’s something that you should start to quit while you’re ahead. The solution is simple’s if you’re not using it, don’t start. If you’re struggling to quit, ask about ideas on how to quit, and various ways to help with this.

If you want to have your teeth for the rest of your life, and to be riddled with health problems and such, it’s time to start looking to see if you have any of these bad habits, and start to change them. Just one of these can negatively impact your life, and by fixing this now, you’ll be able to keep your teeth for much longer, and have a happier, healthier smile.